Buy To Let Mortgages

These can be taken out to either purchase a Buy To Let property or remortgage one you already own.

Much the same as residential mortgages in that you have a choice of Fixed rates, Tracker rates and Variable rates. These mortgages normally require the rental income being in excess of 125% of the monthly mortgage payment. At present the minimum deposit is 20% to either purchase or remortgage a Buy To Let property. 

Even if you are a first time landlord we can arrange your new Buy To Let mortgage. As the mortgage market continues to recover more and more products are becoming available again, with some even  including no valuation or legal fees. As we have access to the Whole Of The Buy To Let Mortgage Market we suggest contacting us direct to find the cheapest, most suitable solution for your personal circumstances.


First Time Landlord Mortgages

First time landlords can find it really difficult getting into the buy to let property market with lenders having varrying criteria that an applicant needs to fullfill. 

Ranging from minimum income levels to increased deposits. If you are a first time landlord we would strongly recommend talking to FOSTERS first to guide you to a lender that is willing to help.

Capital Raising

Many people have money locked up in property that is not mortgaged but dont have available cash to do what they wish. Capital raising is an option on a Buy to let property. Many applicants will look to do this for different reasons: Deposit on a new house or new buy to let investment or simply to bring the property up to date. Whatever the reason lenders have differing views on capital raising so talk to us to find one that is suitable.

Mortgage Types

As with residential mortgages Buy to let mortgages can be taken out on either a Fixed, Tracker, Discounted or Variable basis. Fees charged by the lenders can differ considerably and what looks like a great low rate may actually not be a very good deal at all. We go through the black and white with you and make sure your getting the all round most suitable option.

Older Age

With people living longer and Buy To Lets seen as a long term investment that is used as a pension, many lenders are allowing lending into older age. Where lenders used to cut off at aged 65 now some allow terms past this age. Again lenders differ with some still cutting off at age 65 so if you are later in life and require a buy to let mortgage then contact us to find a lender that is happy to lend to you.

Other Options:

  • Portfolio buy to lets
  • Auction properties
  • Flats, Apartments
  • New Builds
  • Let To Buy
  • and many many more….